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Diabetes can be dealt with ayurvedic massages or swedanam treatments and detoxification proceedings. These therapies will improve the working of the glands, thereby keeping the hormone levels in blood intact.

The detoxification treatments along with internal medicine and diet regimen help to control the sugar level and treat associated nerve complaints, improve metabolism, eliminate the toxins in the body, improve the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce stress and improve the working of the internal organs thereby reducing the risk of future complications of diabetes.

What our guest said

"Though I had complaints such as diabetes and hypertension, I had satisfactory treatment. I am very much satisfied with the way they treat and keep contact with the patient regularly. Food and stay has been excellent and homely. I would recommend to my friends to have a holistic treatment at this place."


The treatment for Hypertension involves balancing doshas, cleansing the channels, improving the metabolism and treating other involved complications. Herbal medications are prescribed to manage the blood pressure and protect other organs. Ayurvedic therapies such as shirodhara, thakradhara etc., are recommended.

Pain Management:

Chronic pain is usually observed in joints accompanied by arthiritic or inflammatory conditions. The treatment procedure involves identifying the root cause of pain and customizing treatment to eliminate the symptoms. Ayurvedic therapies such as Podikizhi, Pizhichil, Elakizhi, Kateevasti, Abhyangam, Shirodhra along with detoxification procedures administered for a period of 3 weeks will help in reducing the inflammation, relaxing the tensed muscles around the painful area and easing movements, increasing blood circulation and nervous supply towards the joints resulting in strengthening of muscles and relief from pain.

What our guest said

"I believe in time so much, and yeah, my good time took me to the correct place "Ayuryogashram" - "A much Better World". To be open, things weren't much of my expectations, actually it was more than my expectations, which I felt in my second day itself. Thanks to Dr. Pillai, Dr. Julie and Dr. Shruti for sharing their immense medical knowledge, care and guidance. Special thanks to Bindu chechi, Pavithran uncle and Karthiga chechi for their support, dedication, care and their smiles. Also, I thank Unnikrishnan chetta for making a tasty cum healthy food, and also kitchen chechis for serving the happiness. Last but not the least, my therapists. They really did magic to the pain I had for so many years. Thank you so much chettas. Your smiles made me smile, your hands made me healthy and the people made me pure and positive. Things are very well balanced here. And the people (guests) I met over here and the time spent with them made me attain a lot of good qualities. I had an amazing 33 days of stay which made me pure, positive, healthy and happy. This place is always close to my heart and it will take me back again to this beautiful world. See you all soon."

Post-Natal Care:

Post natal care is designed to provide mother and child a calm, peaceful and hygienic environment . The program includes ayurvedic rejuvenating massages with medications which help to regain muscle strength, reduce back ache, etc. These therapies will help to improve digestion and metabolism, cause effective lactation and easy evolution of the uterus. Cleansing and nourshing the skin with herbs and medication oils will improve circulation, heal and bring glow to the complexion .


Polycystic Ovarian Disease is characterised by formation of single or multiple cysts in the ovaries. This condition leads to various problems associated with menstrual cycle, fertility etc. PCOD can be effectively tackled with ayurvedic treatments and detoxification proceedings along with herbal medications.


Effective body massages with specially made herbal oils, powders and Kizhi and additionally, Panchakarma treatments like Sneha Panam, Virechanam, Mathravasti, Snehavasti and Kashayavasti along with massages such as Udwarthanam and Dhara administered for a period of 3-4 weeks should help in tackling the excess weight problem. Herbal drinks and medicines will also be given besides steam bath and a special diet. This therapy stimulates internal organs and blood circulation, resists exhaustion and exertions, provides lightness of the body and refinement to the body systems.

What our guest said

"I came here with my wife on request of my son Dr. Shashi for 10 days only. I am suffering from asthma, blood sugar, obesity, etc., During treatment I felt more better and lost weight up to 3 kg. Here, treatment is unique. All medical team, kitchen staff, Bindu are very co-operative. Ayuryogashram treatment is very good. I will come here again and again with my family and relatives."

Skin Diseases:

Ayurvedic herbs provide efficacious cure for skin disorders. The therapeutic and curative ancient procedures along with oral medications keep the digestive fire intact and open the skin pores for better absorption through skin. Elimination of metabolic toxins through Panchakarma proceedings help to correct the Auto-immune causative factors of skin diseases. Starting with Snehapanam different proceedings are involved such as the application of specially made herbal oil at periodical intervals along with Thakradhara and Abhyangam. Integrated yoga sessions will act as a supportive procedure to reduce the stress level which is also a main trigger for many skin disorders.


Spondylitis is an inflammation of the vertebra. Ayurvedic therapies along with internal medications will help in reducing the inflammation, relaxing the tensed muscles around the painful area and easing movements, increasing blood circulation and nervous supply towards the joints resulting in strengthening of muscles and relief from pain.

What our guest said

"With a complaint of serious lower back pain due to disc bulge, I decided to finally undertake Ayurvedic treatment and just finalized 'AYURYOGASHRAM' through online research. And yes, it turned out to be the best place which I was looking for. All I can say is this place is "PURE"- calm, positive, full of kindness due to the overall management, therapists, the medical treatments, the doctors and most importantly the staff which always has a beautiful smile on their face. It creates a difference. I appreciate the promptness and dedication of everyone working here in Ayuryogashram. I had an amazing stay for 21 days and hope I get better soon with the treatment I underwent. I found a HOME away from HOME. With all the good memories which we created here together, with so many new contacts which I made, I must say, a part of my heart will be left here. Lots of love and best wishes to every single member of this Ashram."

Digestive disorders:

Ayurveda considers indigestion to be the root cause of almost all diseases. Improving the immune system; promoting digestion and increasing digestive powers with a strict diet; internal medicines along with external procedures such as Abhyangam and Dhara, will prove to be beneficial for digestive problems such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, GERD, ulcerative colitis, etc.

Degenerative Disorders:

Degenerative diseases of musculo-skeletal and nervous system such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, osteo arthiritis, disc degenerations, etc., affect the day-to-day activities of an individual thus reducing the quality of life.

Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Dhara, etc., help in improving the muscle functions, thereby reducing the stress, reversing the damage and mantaing muscular flexibility as much as possible.

Ayurvedic treatments taken in the early stages of the disease brings in better results and helps to arrest further deterioration and/or disablement.

What our guest said

"Ayuryogashram was recommended to us by a former colleague of mine who initially stayed for 10 days and then extended for a further 10 days. It has been the best recommendation ever. Every member of Ayuryogashram is a professional from Dr. Pillai, Dr. Julie & Dr. Shruti. The two lady doctors visited us on a daily basis to enquire about our treatments and make recommendations for change if required. The masseurs, both men and women are very experienced and took their jobs seriously. The other support staff from the kitchen and the cleaners are all very friendly. The location and atmosphere is very conducive to a relaxed rehabilitation, reflexion and contemplation. We've recommended Ayuryogashram to our overseas friends and will surely come back. The different treatments have benefitted both of us and we definitely feel better. Thank you."



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